West Moreton Shaft - 'Jessie Brown' Project Print

The site was purchased by the Haenke Foundation in November 2011 with assistance from the Mineworkers Trust. The site is located at 10 Ella St. Blackstone and contains the 1880's remains of the West Moreton shaft and the winder called 'Jessie Brown'. The 270 metre deep mineshaft has been filled the area fenced. The winder will be restored to a limited extent. The winder, built in the early 1880's, and assembled on this site for a grand opening in 1887 was the largest and most powerful steam engine and winder in the state. The winder is the largest ever built by Harkness and it is the one and only winder used for coal mining still insitu in Australia.

After the restoration the site will be open to the public.